How to Find Bench Warrants in South Carolina

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If you are concerned that you or a loved one might have a bench warrant out in the state of South Carolina, you gain peace of mind by checking the South Carolina Warrants Directory website. Many people do not know that issued warrants are a matter of public record; and so, you can search South Carolina’s free online database. All it takes is a few simple steps.

Go to the South Carolina Warrants Directory page (see References).

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Search the public records by county or zip code. At the top of this page are forms to select your search criteria. Search according to the county or zip code in which you believe to have a bench warrant.

Find the link that will direct you to court records. This page will provide you links to all the free public records online searches offered by your county. Find the appropriate link for warrants or court records for your county.

Fill-out the online search form. Provide the first and last name you are searching for. Be aware that this site has many advertisements that look identical to actual search forms for this site; so for safety reason, never provide your social security number on any forms on this site.

Verify with the local police department. You can find the phone number for the police department in your phone book or online. You usually are not required to provide anymore than your first and last name. You may need to provide your date of birth or driver’s license number if you have a common name.

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