How to Check If You Have a Warrant in Manatee County, Florida

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The Manatee County, Florida, Clerk of the Court offers public access to criminal records – including warrant records – through its website, You can not search for warrants directly, but by looking up your name, you can see if there is a warrant outstanding.

Log on to the Manatee County Clerk of the Court website, At the top navigation bar, click on "Online Searches."

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Click on “Public Access to Court Records” at the end of the first paragraph. The search field will appear on the next page.


Type in your name. If you know the type of case in which a warrant might have been issued, choose it from the drop-down menu. If you don't know the type of case, then don't choose anything.


Click "Search." Review the results for your name and date of birth. The search results will list the file date, case type and case number of any case in which you've been involved.


Click on your name. Look under the "Dockets" section; any outstanding warrants be listed here. You can call the county clerk's office at 941-749-1800 if the online search doesn't work.


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