How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant in San Bernardino County, California

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Various methods are available to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest in San Bernardino County, California. A warrant is issued by the court when there is evidence you have committed a crime. Outstanding arrest warrants are those that have not been served for whatever reason. California has a high number of outstanding arrest warrants although no accurate numbers of such warrants exist. If there is a warrant, you can be arrested at any time. Law enforcement can go to your home, your work, or anywhere else where they might find you.

San Bernardino Open Access

San Bernardino County Open Access warrant search checks Civil, family law, and Probate court by name, case number, or calendar date. Pro tip: the website is old and slow, so enter both first name and last name. Court records can also be obtained by calling the numbers below, but check online first. Court record checks are free and open to access.

Contact the Clerk of the Courts

Visiting could be riskier than calling the clerk of courts in San Bernardino County, because there is a chance you could be arrested on the spot if you have an outstanding arrest warrant. Call the courts' criminal division at 909-384-1888 and ask to speak to the records department.

Call the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Ask for records at 909-387-8313 and the clerk will search for any outstanding warrants.

Search Public Records Online

San Bernardino County maintains court records online that you can access for free. Go to the San Bernardino County website ( Find open access court records at the court website. Accept the terms and enter your name to conduct a search. When the page opens, you can click on the cases and scroll through information to determine if there is a warrant for your arrest and what it alleges.

There are other websites, such as, that maintain free searchable databases.

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Search Public Records

There are many websites that will do background searches on your name for a fee, such as Arrest Warrant ( or Arrest Warrant Records (

Contact Legal Aid or the Public Defender's Office

A lawyer will be able to inquire if you have an arrest warrant. An attorney also will be able to advise you what to do about an outstanding arrest warrant if you have one.

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