How to Find Out a Court Date in South Carolina

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Court dates are communicated to the parties through legal documents. If you have misplaced a scheduling order, summons, or some other document which indicated your court date, there are a few methods of finding out the date you need to appear in court.

Figure out in which course your proceeding will take place. If you are at the circuit court level, each county in the state of South Carolina has its own circuit court. There are multiple district courts in each county, sometimes divided by city or a group of adjacent cities. If you are unsure, contact the circuit court and it may be able to help you figure out in which court your proceeding will be heard.

Look up the number for the clerk of the court. The website of the South Carolina Judicial Department has a directory of all the county clerks. The clerks are listed alphabetically as well as on a map which allows you to click on each county.

Call the clerk. The clerk should be able to look up your case, and associated dates, using your name. If you have the case number, that will make it even easier for the clerk.

Search for your case online. If you cannot get in touch with the clerk, you can go to the website of the South Carolina Judicial Department and look up your case by party name or case number. At times, it takes a while for your case to appear on the site. For that reason, contacting the clerk is the best method.


  • Missing a court appearance can have disastrous results. Always be sure to monitor the dates you are supposed to appear in court closely. Consult an attorney if you believe you cannot appear at a given time or if you need to change a date.


  • The website of the South Carolina Judicial Department is

    The clerk can help you with things besides the date of your appearance. For example, the clerk may advise you of things or documents you need to bring or help you find an attorney.