How to Run a Free Arrest Warrant Check

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A free arrest warrant check is easy to run if you know what to do, and is a good way to check outstanding warrants or arrest records on anyone. A free arrest warrant check can often be done online using only your computer. Keep reading to see how you can run your free arrest warrant check.

Gather Information

Gather as much information as you can about the person you are searching for and make sure that you have it at hand. If you at least know the person's main information such as full name, and where they live that is often enough. This will make the process go as smooth as possible and help you to get the best results.

Look on Local Police Websites

Look on local police and sheriff websites. These are great places to perform a free arrest warrant check. In many cities and states you can go to your local law enforcement's website and enter a person's full name and outstanding warrants will show up.

Check Warrant or Public Records Websites

Check warrant or public records websites. There are many warrant search and public record websites that allow you to perform a free arrest warrant check. These sites offer basic warrant information that is more than adequate for most people free of charge, so they are definitely worth a second to check out.

Visit Your State's Official Website

Visit your state's official website. This is one of the best places to do a free arrest warrant check because the information comes directly from the source. Every state is different, but many offer this service so take a second to see if yours does.

Call the Sheriff's Department

Call the sheriff's department and ask to speak with someone in the warrant department, or ask for the phone number to the warrant line. If you haven't had any luck online you may have to resort to a phone call. Some sheriff's departments have a dedicated line for warrants and others do not so make sure to ask.


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