How do I Find Inmates in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona Jails?

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According to, in 2010, Arizona housed over 30,000 inmates and had close to 70,000 people on probation. Criminal records are public information. Arizona prisons and jails keep accurate records of the individuals housed within the walls of the correctional institutions. In Phoenix and Scottsdale, local police stations have holding cells; both cities are also in Maricopa County and use the Maricopa County Jail to house inmates. Contact the jails to locate inmates in these cities.

Contact the Maricopa County Jail by calling 602-876-1239. Tell the deputy who answers that you are trying to locate an inmate. Give the first and last name of the inmate; the deputy will tell you whether she is being housed in the jail.

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Call the Scottsdale Police Department if you believe the inmate may be housed in Scottsdale. If you could not find the inmate at the Maricopa County Jail, try calling 480-312-5000 to speak to a deputy at the Scottsdale Police Department. Again, give the first and last name of the inmate, and the deputy will search the records for you.

Log on to the Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Datasearch system (see the link listed in the Resources).

Type in the last name of the inmate you are searching for in the text box that follows the words "Last Name." Include a first initial (if known) in "First Initial" text box.

Click on "Male" or "Female" to indicate the gender. Check the box if you are searching for a person under a known alias.

Click on whether the offender is "active" (in jail), "inactive" (out of jail), "supervised/parole" (if the person is on parole) or "absconder" (if the person violated parole and now cannot be found).

Click "Go." The Arizona Inmate Datasearch will display results. Click on the names of each result to read detailed information including the inmate's location.

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