How to Obtain an Autopsy Report in Arizona

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Medical examiners conduct autopsies (thorough examinations of deceased bodies) to determine the cause of death and manner in which the death occurred. In the state of Arizona, autopsy reports are public records. Anyone can view the records or request copies, but sometimes a fee is required.

Autopsies fall under the jurisdiction of county governments. Contact the medical examiner's office in the county where the autopsy was performed to learn how to obtain a report.

Search online for the county in question or visit the website of the Arizona Association of Counties at Click on "About Arizona's Counties" for a list of links to each of Arizona's 15 counties.


Ask the medical examiner's office in the appropriate county for details on how to obtain an autopsy report. You may need to provide the full name and date of death for the deceased person. A fee may be required to obtain the report if the deceased was not a member of your family.



  • Family members do not incur a charge for autopsy reports. Normally autopsy reports are available within 6-8 weeks; however, it may take longer. Make a copy of the autopsy request letter for your records.



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