How to Find Out If Someone Has a Warrant in Maricopa County, Arizona

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An arrest warrant is an order, issued by a court, requiring law enforcement to detain and arrest a person. An arrest warrant is often issued when a judge or magistrate is convinced there is probable cause that a person has committed a crime. However, an arrest warrant may be issued for other reasons, including failing to appear in court for a court date or subpoena. If an arrest warrant has been issued by a court in Maricopa County, it will be listed on the Techno-Cops database maintained by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Access the Maricopa County Sheriff’s County Techno-Cops website. The Techno-Cops website lists active arrest warrants for numerous law enforcement agencies, including the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, city police departments within Maricopa County and warrants issued by federal agencies.

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Select a search option. The Techno-Cops website allows users to browse outstanding arrest warrants by the first letter of the person’s last name or to search for a person’s name. If searching by name, provide the first and last name.

View the results. The results will be displayed in alphabetical order, along with the person’s date of birth and last known address. By clicking on the “More Info” tab next to a person’s name, you can obtain more information about the outstanding arrest warrant, including the court issuing the warrant, the offense, originating agency for the warrant, a description of the person and any bond amount.

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