How to Check for Arrest Warrants in Arizona

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There are many reasons why a warrant may be issued for an individual, such as a failure to appear in court or for committing a probation violation. Those unsure if they have an outstanding arrest warrant in the state of Arizona or those who want to find out if somebody they know has a warrant out for his arrest within that state may do so via a variety of means.

Verify the name of the individual you want to search for. Note that some people have utilized a variety of names in their lives. These may include legal names in addition to nicknames and other names utilized to evade detection by certain entities, such as law enforcement.

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Determine the county in which the person may be wanted. If unsure, compile a list of all possible counties to search.

Contact the sheriff’s office in the appropriate county. Some counties, including Arizona’s largest, Maricopa, allow the public to search its database of outstanding warrants online. Every county differs in what procedures should be taken to determine if a warrant has been issued for an individual’s arrest. For example, Pima County, Arizona’s second largest, asks that the appropriate court of jurisdiction within that county be contacted directly. A list of links to all 15 of Arizona’s counties may be found on the Arizona Association of Counties website. Proceed to the county’s website and navigate to a link for the Sheriff’s Office.


  • Information accessed online is not guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate and up-to-date. Contact the county’s sheriff’s office directly to confirm information attained from its website.

    Only certified police officers should attempt to arrest a person who is wanted, and all felons should be considered armed and dangerous. If you have information on the current location of someone who has a warrant out for her arrest, call your local sheriff or the sheriff’s office in which the individual is wanted.

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