How to Find Property Ownership in Georgia

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Property ownership records are public documents in the state of Georgia and are accessible by all. When an individual in Georgia buys property, a deed is recorded at the county Recorder of Deeds. As of June 2011, every county in Georgia has property records accessible online. Finding property ownership records in Georgia can be done by visiting the local county Recorder of Deeds or logging on to the county website.

Determine the county in Georgia where the property is located. Websites such as NETR Online (see Resources) provide a listing of all the counties in Georgia and which cities are located in those counties.

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Visit the county clerk's office and ask to search the local property records and deeds. The clerk will need the address of the property. The clerk will return with the deed, which will list the date of sale, the sale amount, the parties to the transaction and a legal description of the property.


Log on to the website for the appropriate county and click on the link for the Tax Assessor's office. Click the search tab and enter the property address. The website will return the property owner's name and property value.