How to Find Out Who Owns Land in Indiana

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Armed with an address, it is simple to search online through city, county and state property records to find a property owner in Indiana. Public records can be searched by many methods. Land in Indiana has two methods by which it is documented, as part of the state's origination in the Northwest Territory ceded to the United States from Britain at the end of the revolutionary war. An individual tract of land will have descriptions that include sections, township, ranges and the determination North/West/East/South.

One way to determine the owner of a given property is using land records and deeds. You can go to a county courthouse and search in person, or use the Internet to search digital archives.

For example, if you are searching for a property's owner in Lake County, Indiana you would be able to look online. On the county property appraiser's site, you would select guest access, start your search and input the address or parcel number. The site would return the current owner of the property.

County record searches can be done to determine all previous ownership, often predating Indiana's statehood. All property was originally owned by the federal government.

State property tax records also provide a search method for property ownership. Like county records, you can search via platted description or street address to determine current and prior ownership.


  • As with any records search, the more information you have at your disposal, the better. In addition to street address, knowing the plat information can be of use. Since Indiana's public records are often based in county courthouse offices, in-person searches will be limited to business hours. Online searches are available, but for detailed history of ownership a hard copy search may be your best option. Some county clerks may charge for searches and document copies.