How to Find an Arrest Warrant in Georgia

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Arrest warrants in the Peach State are public record unless the criminal record is sealed or restricted under Georgia law. You can find an arrest warrant by checking local law enforcement and court websites, which maintain current databases. If they do not, you can call the court that issues arrest warrants in the jurisdiction where the person committed the offense.

Searching Local Law Enforcement Records

Many sheriff's offices, police departments and other law enforcement agencies throughout Georgia maintain lists of wanted persons online, for the public to view or search free of charge. The method of display and searching varies; some may require you to input a full name, and others might display only a list of people with outstanding arrest warrants or their most wanted criminals. For example, the Atlanta Division of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency maintains a database of the city's most wanted fugitives, including mug shots. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office offers an online list of its wanted persons, without photos.

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Checking Court Websites

The official website of the state of Georgia advises that you call your municipal court to find out the status of arrest warrants in your own name. To find warrants for someone you know, you may have to search multiple court websites or call the court in jurisdictions where the subject of your search lives or has lived or where the offense was committed. A court clerk can describe policies and direct you to resources for obtaining warrant information, as they vary among jurisdictions. Note that sometimes only the person involved in the warrant can gain access to that warrant information.

Third-Party Websites Find Warrants

A third-party website may look up outstanding warrants in Georgia, often for free. It may also offer memberships and subscriptions to persons who want to look up multiple criminal records or obtain warrant information, instantly. These vendors access public records within Georgia and sift through various databases to dig up warrant information; however, the warrant information and availability of a warrant through such websites isn't guaranteed.

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