How to Find Georgia Property Survey Records

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A land survey in Georgia specifies the boundaries of a specific property. It is not uncommon for land owners to not realize the actual boundaries of their property. Over time, neighbors can accidentally infringe on each other's property lines when they install fence lines and other features, such as wet wells. As new owners take over properties, they can be even more ignorant of their actual land boundaries and assume their land doesn't exceed past the fence line or other natural boundary. To find out the actual boundaries of your Georgian property, you can look at your land survey.

Get the survey for a particular piece of land at a Georgia County Courthouse. Go to the county courthouse in the county in which the land is located. The Court Clerk's office keeps land surveys for individual land records within that county. You can search for surveys using the property address or property owner's name. There may be a fee to make a copy of the survey.

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Get a land survey from the Georgia Historical Society. The archival division of the historical society is located in Savannah, Georgia. Many land surveys, as well as architectural drawings, land photographs and maps, are stored in the the Edmund H. Abrahams annex. The society prohibits pens, highlighters, backpacks, purses, briefcases and other such items. Surveys are meant to be examined and can only be copied with permission.

Call Georgia Land Survey - Library & Archives at: 912-651-2128.

Locate land survey records for Georgia property using the Plat Index of Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) online tool (see Resources). You can search for land surveys by the property owner's name or by subdivision unit, block or lot.