How to Look Up Wills & Deeds in Georgia

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Probated wills and deeds are considered by the state of Georgia to be public record. This means that these documents can be looked up and copies made when necessary. Locating the wills and deeds can be challenging and is often best left to an expert such as a title search specialist or a probate attorney.

Obtain the full name and probate case number from the Georgia probate court office. You can call the office directly or send an email inquiry.

Supply the information to the probate records office and wait for a staffer there to send you a copy of the probated will.


Obtain the lot number for the property in question. Lot numbers are often distinct from mailing addresses, so you may need to contact a real-estate agent for the information.


Go to the county recording office where the property is located. Use the recording office’s computer system to find the dates where deeds were filed for the property.


Manually go through the files and pull out the copies of the filed deeds.