How to Format a Letter for a Damage Settlement

A convincing case could settle the issue quickly and get you the money you need.
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Writing a good demand letter for a damage settlement is crucial to getting all that you are owed from an insurance company. A properly written letter will document all the pertinent information, specify the damages and lay out exactly how much you expect the insurance company to pay to cover them. This letter could swing the negotiation process in your favor, so make sure you follow a few rules when composing one.

Provide details of the accident or incident in question that resulted in the damages. Be specific: Include the date that it happened, how it happened, the property involved and any accident reports or charges. Acknowledge any payments that the company has already made to cover the damage.

Detail all of the things that happened since the accident or incident in question. Provide descriptions of expenses, repairs and other relevant information. Request a payment for pain and suffering if applicable.

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Write the letter neatly, professionally and not by hand. Adopt a polite but assertive tone. Set a time limit for when you expect a response from the company.

Contact a lawyer to review the format of your letter before submitting it to the company.

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