How to Apply for Short Term Disability in Florida

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Short-term disability benefits are considered a private insurance matter in the state of Florida. There is no state-mandated disability coverage for employees and employers are not required to provide it. Unpaid leave in case of injury or pregnancy is allowed, but there is no financial compensation for it. State employees are likewise entitled to up to six months' leave for emergency or family-related reasons, but are only promised that their jobs are secure.

Check with your employer to see if the company you work for offers group insurance. Most larger companies in Florida do. Add short-term disability insurance to your coverage at work and have the payments deducted from your paycheck.

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Obtain short-term disability coverage insurance from a carrier you trust, if you employer doesn't offer it. Short-term disability insurance will cover your lost income during the time that you are ill, injured or are recovering from having a baby. Each insurance provider has a slightly different disability package so shop around before making a decision.

Press your insurance carrier for short-term disability pay as soon as you've been injured. Short-term disability begins paying immediately if you've been in an accident. If you've been ill, had a baby or had surgery, short-term disability will generally begin paying within a week or two of the event.


  • If you've already been injured or have already found out you're pregnant and are not currently covered, you won't be able to get short-term disability to help with your current situation.


  • Plan ahead. Get insurance before you need it.

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