How to Find a Company's IRP Number

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The International Registration Plan, or IRP, is a cooperative effort to simplify the registration process for commercial vehicles. As of 2011, the IRP manages registration for the 48 contiguous United States, the District of Columbia and several Canadian provinces. Prior to 1993, trucks had to register in every state they traveled through, according to Mary Prat Paris, president and CEO of IRP Inc. Instead of carrying several different registrations, commercial trucks now register once for the areas they travel through.

Step 1

Find the company's home location. Contact the company headquarters to ascertain the local state, or search company information online.

Step 2

Contact the state's Vehicle Services Division. Obtain a Vehicle Information Request form. Each jurisdiction assigns IRP account numbers, but they are not public records.

Step 3

Ensure you meet all legal requirements before requesting information under the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act. Indicate the reason for requesting a company's IRP number in the appropriate location on the Vehicle Information Request form.

Step 4

Submit the Vehicle Information Request form. The mailing address or fax number is usually on the form. Enclose the proper fees, if mailing the request, or provide credit card or other billing information if faxing the request.


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