How to Get a List of People on the Run for Probation Violation

Search public records to find a list of people with probation violation arrest warrants.
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Probation violations are sometimes serious offenses, depending on what the original charge was. When a person violates his probation, his probation officer will issue an arrest warrant. To find out if someone has a warrant out for his arrest, you would have to conduct a background search or search through public records. Depending on the county where the warrant was issued, this information may be obtained through online searches for free. There is no national database of probation violators, but you may be able to obtain a local list.

Determine the county where you want to review people who are on the run for probation violations. In most cases, you will need to know the specific county to narrow down your search.

Navigate to the website of the sheriff's office in the county you are searching. Some sheriff's departments have lists available to the public of wanted people.

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Call the sheriff's office information line if there is no list available online. You can request one from the department if it is available. Specify that you are looking for arrest warrants for probation violators. In some cases, you will have to go in person to the department and may have to pay a fee for the updated list.

Pay an online company to conduct a national warrant search. There are several companies that provide different services for different fees. Specify that you are looking for a current list of people who are on the run for probation violations. Most investigators require a specific name, but some will be able to provide a list of people with outstanding arrest warrants.

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