How to Find Someone's Probation Officer in Houston, Texas

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If you know or suspect someone is violating the terms of his probation, you may want to contact his probation officer. The quickest way to find someone's probation officer is to ask that person, obviously. But if you can't get in touch with him, he's not forthcoming with that information or you simply don't want to have that conversation, you have a couple of other options. Criminal records, including probation information, are considered public information in Texas, meaning they may be made available to the general public.

Incarceration or Probation

You can find out if someone is currently in prison by checking the Victim Information and Notification Everyday website. On the VINE website, select Texas as the state where the offender is located, then search using her name or offender ID, if you know it. Make sure you know the full, real name – not an alias or a nickname. The search results will tell you whether she has been released on parole.

Probation Vs. Parole

Be aware of the difference between probation and parole. Probation is supervision in the community instead of serving time in jail, whereas parole is supervised release into the community after serving part of a sentence in jail. If you know the individual is on parole, call the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Division at 512-406-5250. Provide the identifying information you have for the individual and ask for the contact details for her parole officer.

Adult or Juvenile Probation

Texas’ adult probation department is officially known as the Community Supervision and Corrections Department, or CSCD, while the juvenile probation department is known as the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission. CSCD is organized by county jurisdiction, with the largest adult probation department being Harris County CSCD, which covers the city of Houston. Juvenile probation is run through the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. People older than 17 years of age are usually supervised by CSCD, while people under 17 are handled by the juvenile probation department.

Find Someone's Probation Officer

Visit the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website and click on Community Supervision & Corrections Department Directory for the State of Texas. Check the list for Harris County CSCD contact details. Call the department at 713-755-2700 and explain that you are looking for someone's probation officer.

Provide all the identifying information you have for the individual, such as full name and date of birth. You may be transferred to his probation officer directly or given the officer's contact details. Contact Harris County Juvenile Probation Department at 713-222-4100 to find the probation officer for someone under the age of 17.

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