How to Get a Letter of Clearance From the Licensing State

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If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked in the past, you will likely need to get a clearance letter before you can get a driver’s license in another state. To request a clearance letter, put your request in writing or call the Department of Motor Vehicles in the licensing state. Some states, however, no longer issue routine clearance letters because your driving record can be easily obtained online and your license status is identified there.

Gather up the necessary information before making your request, such as the driver’s license number. It will also be helpful to have previous addresses and dates of suspension.

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Call the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the state that will provide the clearance letter. Some states have specific departments that can help you obtain a clearance letter. Many DMVs also provide information online. Call your local DMV to determine if the specific information can be obtained online.

Mail your request in writing to the DMV. Include your current contact information and any necessary fees.

Obtain a copy of your driving record, if your previous state does not provide clearance letters. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for information on how to obtain your driving record. You may need to pay fees to get a copy.

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