How to Check If I Have Traffic Tickets

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No one wants to pay a fine for a citation or traffic violation. Whether it is tens of dollars or several hundred, the matter can add up fast. If you are not sure if you have resolved a traffic ticket, by either appearing in court, paying the bail amount or attending traffic school, there are a several options you can take for immediate action.

Obtain a copy of your driving record. Contact the County Clerk of Courts in your city and request a copy of your driving record. (You must show proof of ID). The record can be copied for a small fee (per page) and will contain all traffic and parking tickets filed on your DMV record. You may also obtain a hard copy by mail. Processing time will vary, but expect to receive the report in the mail within two to three weeks.

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Request your driving record from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Go to the DHSMV website for your state. You can order the report and pay the fee online, or view the hours of operation and visit a local office to request a report in person. You can check if you have traffic tickets by reviewing the full details of your driving record. All citations are recorded, including those that are pending a court trial. You will have to provide your full legal name, driver's license number, address and Social Security number.

Visit your local DMV office. Use your driver's license to show proof of ID and then request a copy of your driving record. You may also avoid copying fees by simply asking if traffic tickets and/or points that are earned as a result of traffic tickets have accumulated on your record.


  • Never disregard a traffic ticket, as a warrant will be issued.


  • Always pay your traffic tickets before the due date.

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