How to Get a Copy of Your Lifetime Driving Record

Your complete driving record includes every driving infraction in your driving history.
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According to, each state's department of motor vehicles keeps complete driving records of licensed drivers in that state. Your complete driving record lists any infractions you have, including parking tickets, traffic violations and traffic accidents. There may come a time when you need a complete copy of your driving record. Obtain a complete copy of your driving record to see what, if any, infractions exist on the record. Also, employers often need to look at a candidate's driving record, especially if driving is part of the job.

Contact your state's motor vehicle department (DMV) or visit your state's DMV website and ask for a driving record request form.

Fill out the driving record request form. Some states, such as Texas, allow you to fill out the form online. Other states may require paper applications. Typically, you must provide your name, address, date of birth and driver's license number. Some states may ask the reason for the request.

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Pay the request fee. Fees vary by state and are subject to change. In Massachusetts, for example, it cost $20 to receive a complete driving record in 2010.

Wait for the state DMV to process your order and send you your request. Typically, you can expect the record with two weeks after you apply.

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