How to Look Up How Many Traffic Tickets You Have

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Accumulating too many traffic tickets may result in the suspension of your driving privileges by the state where your driver's license was issued. Driving with a suspended license is punishable by incarceration. Failing to pay traffic tickets in a timely manner can also result in a suspended license or jail time. These punishments occur even if you are not aware of any such tickets on your record. Consequently, it is important to find out how many tickets you have before you drive. Most states have databases where you can find information about your traffic tickets.

Identify the phone number or website of your state's Department of Motor Vehicles Office using the phone book or an internet search engine.

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Call the number found in the phone book or search engine and request to speak with a DMV official regarding traffic tickets in your name.

When prompted, provide your name, date of birth, driver's license number and social security number. This information is important because it prevents cases of mistaken identity and allows the operator to verify who you are based on sensitive information that only you would know.

Write down the citation numbers, date the tickets were received and take note of the amount of time you have to pay or contest the tickets to prevent increased fines or incarceration.


  • Some DMV offices have online databases that allow you to input the same information you would provide to a live operator.

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