How to File a Missing Persons Report in Tennessee

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If a friend, loved one or child has gone missing, you can file a missing persons report and the police can help you locate him. Before you contact the police, you should take a moment organize your thoughts and any information you might have on the missing person. It is important to contact the police in a timely manner, as each day that passes makes it harder for law enforcement officers to locate the person. Tennessee takes missing person reports seriously and provides both state and local enforcement resources to state residents.

Collect evidence and information prior to contacting authorities. Collect basic information on the missing person including photographs, known schedules and lists of friends and contacts. If the person or child has any electronic devices such as a phone or computer that you can locate, be sure to have it available for a potential examination by forensic investigators.

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Contact your local police department to file a missing persons report. Larger jurisdictions such as the Memphis Police Department maintain dedicated missing persons units within the investigative services branch. You can contact the Memphis police department at 901-545-COPS (901-545-2677).

If the missing person is a child, you can also contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463). The TBI is the Tennessee state version of the FBI and runs a missing child unit.

Be available to police investigators handling your report. The police may want to examine the your home or vehicle, and speak with you regarding the missing person. Your cooperation will greatly assist their investigation.