How to File a Police Report in Memphis, Tennessee

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In Memphis, Tennessee, a person can file a police report online for certain offenses, such as counterfeiting, hacking, theft and vandalism.

If the incident has a known suspect, the person reporting should call the Memphis Police Department (MPD) at its nonemergency number, 901-545-2677. If a person needs to contact a law enforcement officer in another city in Shelby County, they can find numbers for municipalities such as Collierville and Bartlett on the website for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

What Offenses Can Be Requested Online

In Memphis, a person can file a police report online for these offenses:

  • Counterfeiting and forgery.
  • Credit card and ATM fraud.
  • Hacking/computer invasion.
  • Harassing phone calls (unwanted and repeated phone calls meant to annoy or harass a victim).
  • Suspicious person (such as a person in a neighborhood who poses a threat to public safety).
  • Swindle/confidence game, or an incident of “dine and dash” (any act of engaging in a deceptive scheme to obtain something of value).
  • Theft (such as a theft from within a building or from a device like a vending machine).
  • Theft from auto (such as what’s inside a locked or unlocked motor vehicle).
  • Theft from auto (vehicle parts).
  • Vandalism.
  • Vehicle vandalism (such as the malicious destruction of a vehicle, including breaking out windows or slashing tires).
  • Welfare fraud.
  • Wire fraud (use of an electric or electronic communications facility to intentionally transmit a false and/or deceptive message to further a fraudulent activity like telemarketing fraud).

Getting an Incident or Accident Report

A person may request an incident or offense report or an auto crash report through MPD’s Central Records office. A person may submit a request online, by mail or fax, or in person at 170 North Main St., 7th floor, Suite 7-11, Memphis, Tennessee 38103.

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, except holidays, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Faxing or emailing documents is available for $15. MPD accepts cash, money orders, cashier checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover, but not personal checks. MPD will not issue a refund for documents.

Cost for a Police Report and Associated Documents

Type of Document

Fee for Tennessee Resident

Fee for Nonresident

Police report

$0.15 per page


Photograph CDs

$10 per accident or $1.50 per photo

Crime analysis

$0.15 per page

Communication dispatch tapes

$10 per accident or incident

Memphis Police Department: Central Records

Making and Receiving Citizen Tips

Citizen tips help residents to stay safe and police officers to stop crimes. Memphis and Shelby County residents can make or receive citizen tips with CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County. To provide an anonymous tip through the app P3 Tips, a person can do so by phone, email or mobile app:

  • Phone:‌ Call or text 901-528-2274 and leave the tip.
  • Webmail:‌ Complete a secure web form and leave the tip.
  • Mobile app:‌ Search for “P3 Tips” in the Google Play store for an Android phone and on the Apple App Store for an iPhone.

The system will provide an alias or a tip ID code for each communication. CrimeStoppers provides Tennessee law enforcement agencies and district attorney’s offices with information from tips that relate to unsolved felony charges and fugitives wanted for felony charges.

Required Information for Reporting to CrimeStoppers

Individuals who contact CrimeStoppers should be prepared to offer detailed information, including:

  • Type of crime committed or what the fugitive is wanted for.
  • When the crime occurred.
  • When the fugitive will be at a specific location.
  • Where the crime occurred.
  • Where items from the crime can be found.
  • Where the fugitive can be located at a specific time.
  • Description of person involved: name, nickname, age, date of birth, address, height, weight, tattoos, clothing and vehicle.
  • Individuals with whom the involved persons live or associate.

CrimeStoppers will provide tipsters with a “secret number.” This becomes the tipster’s identity and a way to stay anonymous. A tipster should not share their number with anyone. They also should not provide their name or any information that could identify them to CrimeStoppers.

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