How to File a Police Report in Memphis, Tennessee

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There are three major law enforcement agencies in Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Shelby County Sheriff's Department. Each of these agencies are committed to protecting and serving the citizens of Memphis. If you have knowledge of a crime, it is important to report it to the proper authorities.

File a police report with the Memphis Police Department. You can go to the department in person and file a police report. Their office is located at 201 Polar Avenue in Memphis. You may also call 901-545-2677 to file a police report.

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File a police report with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department. You may call 901-545-3180 to file a police report, or visit their office at 201 Poplar Avenue on the 9th Floor in Memphis.


File a police report with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. You can file a police report with the Highway Patrol by calling 901-543-6256. You may also call the Criminal Investigation unit's Special Agent in Charge at 615- 251-5185 or 731-423-6595.




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