How to Write an Explanation Letter to Immigration for Your N-400 Form

Explain your answers to part 10 in a letter accompanying Form N-400.
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Write an explanation letter to accompany Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, to provide additional information that did not fit in the spaces provided. Part 10 of the form also requires explanations for any questions to which you answer "Yes" and your letter should be used to supply information about each point that applies to you. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will review the form and the letter to determine your citizenship eligibility.

Step 1

State which part of the form your explanation letter applies to. The parts of the form that may need further explanation are part 2 and part 10. If you need to explain parts of each section, then clearly label the letter to identify each part.

Step 2

Write an explanation for each part. In part 2, only one question requires further explanation. Part 10 contains 39 questions, many of which consist of multiple sub-questions. Clearly identify each response by the question number and letter, for example, "8(b)."

Step 3

Keep your explanations brief and on topic. State only the reason or extenuating factors that need to be explained and do not give an exhaustive statement. For example, if a deportation case is pending against you, supply the case number only. You do not need to give a detailed explanation because the immigration officials can look up the full records using the case number.

Step 4

Sign and date each page of the letter. Put your USCIS A-number at the top of each page of the letter.

Step 5

Attach the letter to the form with a paper clip or staple. If any of the questions require additional documentation, attach a copy of the documentation and label it with the corresponding question number and letter.

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