How to Get Copies of a Birth Certificate in Norwalk

All Norwalk birth certificate copies come from the town clerk's office.
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If you were born in the city of Norwalk, Connecticut you can easily get a copy of your birth certificate. Though a vital records department normally process all birth certificate requests, Norwalk works differently. The city's town clerk's office processes all birth certificate requests. The office offers full size and wallet size copies by mail. Typically, you will need the full size because the wallet size does not contain all of the information.

Make two copies of your government issued photo ID. This could be your driver's license or passport.

Download the “Request for Certified Copy of a Birth Record from the City of Norwalk” form from the City of Norwalk website.

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Fill out the form to request your copies. You will need the name on the birth certificate, date of birth, place of birth, father and mother's names, your name, your mailing address, your relation to the person named on the birth certificate and the reason for your request. Indicate the number of copies you need. As of July 2010, the cost is $20 per copy for full size and $15 for wallet size.

Mail the completed form along with you ID copies and fee payment to Town Clerk's Office, City of Norwalk, 125 East Ave., Room 102, Norwalk, CT 06851.

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