How to Get a Birth Certificate From the Dominican Republic

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Having a copy of your birth certificate is essential for proving the details of your birth, getting a passport or enrolling for school. Because Embassies of the Dominican Republic don't deal with vital records, natives of the country must communicate directly with agencies based in their homeland to get a copy of their birth certificate.

Determine if you need a short form birth certificate ("Extracto de Acta") or long ("Acta Inextensa"). Although both versions are legal documents in the Dominican Republic, the long form is necessary to apply for a visa.

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Write a letter requesting your birth certificate from the Dominican Republic. Include the date and place of your birth.


Mail the letter to:

Direccion General de las Oficialias del Estado Civil de la Republica Calle Paul Harris Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



  • If you are requesting the long form for visa purposes, you must also have the record verified at the Oficina Central del Estado Civil.


  • You may also obtain a copy from the Oficialia del Estado Civil closest to where the birth took place, if you are in the Dominican Republic and are sure your birth was registered there.

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