How to Get a Copy of Your Police Report in San Diego

In San Diego, parties to an accident or other type of incident where the police are involved can obtain copies of the police report by mail or in person from the San Diego Police Department's Records Public Counter. You'll have to provide identification, a self-addressed stamped envelope for requests by mail, and a check for the fee.

San Diego Police Reports

If police arrive at the scene of an accident or other incident, odds are they are going to prepare a police report about it. The officer includes in the report facts, witness statements and often her own opinions about what happened. Police reports are routinely prepared after motor vehicle accidents in San Diego. You may need a police report to take another driver to court or to file an insurance claim. In San Diego, reports prepared after an arrest are known as arrest reports.

San Diego Police Department Records

The San Diego Police Department has over one dozen neighborhood branches. If you know the branch where the report you want was prepared, you can stop by to see if it is available.

Otherwise, head to the main San Diego Police Department office, where you can order San Diego Police Department records. It is located downtown at 1401 Broadway, San Diego, CA. If you visit during business hours – Mondays through Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – you can order the report at the SDPD Records Public Counter. You'll need information that identifies the report. If you have the report number or the incident number, that's a good start. If not, bring the names of the parties involved and the date and location of the occurrence.

To find out if the report is ready after you've ordered it, call 619-531-2231 or email: [email protected]. If you want another person to pick up the report for you, provide them with written authorization. The person should bring a picture identification to the police department records counter.

San Diego Police Department Report by Mail

If you live far from San Diego or you can't get to the police department office in person, request a copy of the report by mail. Send the written request to: SDPD Records, MS#726, P.O. Box 121431, San Diego, CA., 92112-1431. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for the fee, about $12.

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San Diego Arrest Reports

Arrest reports are available from the same location. You can order them in person or by mail, but note that you can obtain only the first two pages of your arrest report.

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