How to Access Police Reports in New Jersey

By Alicia Gallegos - Updated April 11, 2017

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New Jersey police departments make it relatively easy to access police reports depending on what type of information you are seeking. Police reports in any state are public information and any resident has the right to view the documents. However, certain agencies require that you complete certain processes before reviewing reports.

Call the Non-Emergency Police Line

Most police agencies in New Jersey can run a name through computer systems and provide basic entry and release information about a person. Jails also have this capability. If you are searching for general police or booking information, officers can sometimes read you the information over the phone.

Visit Your Local New Jersey Police Department

If you are involved or named in the police report you are searching for, you can request to see the report at the police station records department. Make sure you know when and where the incident occurred. It also helps to know the name of the person who filed the report.

Submit a Written Request

If you are searching for a record you are not directly involved in, some police agencies request you fill out a Freedom of Information Act form or FOIA. In some cases, the form can be filled out electronically and/or in person at the police department.

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