How to File a Civil Noise Complaint in Orlando, Florida

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Although your neighbors may be adamant that the party is just getting started at 2 a.m., in Orlando, Fla., the law is on your side when you are looking for peace and quiet. Filing a civil noise complaint against unruly parties is one recourse when the tranquility of your neighborhood is shattered by loud music, boisterous voices or other noise offenders. Violators of Orlando's noise ordinance, as described in Orlando City Code 42.04, may be subject to arrest.

Determine the source of the noise and the address of the offending residence, including a license plate number if the noise is from a vehicle. Dial 911 and tell the Orlando Police Department dispatcher that you are filing a noise complaint.

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Tell the dispatcher the location of the offender(s). Detail the exact sources of the noise -- a party, loud music or people loitering in front of your home. Give the time when the noise started. Give your address and telephone number if the dispatcher asks for it.

Wait for police to respond to your call. Remain in your home. Do not identify yourself to the noisy neighbors before the police arrive, as that could escalate the situation into a fight or result in harm to you or your property.

Respond to all calls or in-person requests from police for information. Volunteer answers as asked. Always answer law enforcement questions honestly and thoroughly.


  • Make sure you are within Orlando's city limits before you file the complaint, as the city's noise ordinance may differ from those in neighboring communities.


  • Talk to your neighbor, if you can, before you file a noise complaint. Tell the police dispatchers and officers if you have already attempted to resolve a noise issue.

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