How to Get an Ocean County Identification Card in New Jersey

Residents who need an Ocean County ID card have a few different options. They can choose from driver’s licenses, veteran’s IDs, REAL IDs and more. Fortunately, once you figure out the most appropriate type of ID, it’s easy to apply.

Which ID Is Right for Me?

Driver’s License – Available through the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Agency (MVC), a driver’s license allows the recipient to drive certain types of vehicles. There are different classifications of driver’s licenses, including:

  • Various student permits.
  • Class D – standard driver’s license.
  • Class A, B, C – commercial licenses that regulate the operation of large or specialty-type vehicles.
  • Class E – motorcycle license.

A Class D driver’s license is the most common form of county ID card in New Jersey.

Non-Driver’s ID – Available through the MVC, a non-driver ID is a trusted form of photo ID used by residents who don’t drive.

REAL ID – Available by appointment through the MVC, a REAL ID is a photo ID with enhanced security protections. By October 1, 2020, New Jersey residents will need a REAL ID to fly within the United States without a passport.

U.S. Passport or Passport Card – Available through any Ocean County post office, the Ocean County Clerk’s office, Southern Ocean County Resource Center and Ocean County Mall County Connection, a U.S. passport will allow New Jersey residents to travel between the U.S. and other countries by air, land or sea. A passport card allows for international travel by land or sea.

Veteran’s ID – Available for free through the Ocean County Clerk’s office or Ocean County Mall County Connection, veterans in Ocean County, New Jersey, who received an honorable discharge may obtain a special ID that proves their military status. Having it helps ensure they get the benefits of free and low-cost veterans’ services and specialty discounts.

How Do I Apply?

Applying for an ID requires the applicant to go to the MVC, courthouse or other location with the appropriate paperwork. Certain IDs also require the applicant to pay a fee or pass a written test or skills test. Most IDs require six-point identification for enhanced security purposes.

What Are the Six Points of Identification?

The State of New Jersey created a Six-Point Identification system to help residents prepare for ID applications. The system helps prevent identity theft and reduce related crimes.

In the six-point identification system, certain IDs are granted more weight. Primary IDs, which receive between two and four points, range from certified birth certificates and passports to military IDs. Secondary IDs include student IDs, phone bills and Social Security cards. Some applications require both primary and secondary documents, posing issues for residents without an existing official photo ID.

How Do I Apply Without Primary Identification?

New Jersey’s high standards for identification sometimes cause problems for new residents. Applicants without a primary ID may find it difficult or even impossible to obtain the ID they need to open a bank account, enroll their children in school or get a job.

According to the Ocean County Clerk, applying for a passport or passport card might be the fastest, easiest remedy. Passport applications don’t require primary IDs. For instance, a new resident could submit any two lesser forms of ID, including:

  • Student ID.
  • Employer ID.
  • Expired driver's licence.
  • Insurance card.

Passport officials will usually accept official forms of ID from other countries and states.

What If I Can’t Afford an ID?

Low-income residents can get assistance with bills and other expenses through the Ocean County Department of Social Services. Residents can check their eligibility for popular programs online.

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