How to Apply for a Senior Card in New Jersey

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The state of New Jersey does not issue senior identification cards. However, many townships throughout the state issue senior citizens identification cards. While not required, these senior identification cards are used to qualify holders to receive special discounts and services. If you are 65 years of age of older, you are eligible to apply for a senior card.

Contact your local township office or senior citizen center and inquire about the application process. Identify the office or branch that handles card requests. Call this office and ask to be mailed any required application forms.

Complete the application forms and submit them in person by visiting the office that handles card requests. Provide a primary and secondary document as proof of identity. Examples of qualifying primary documents include a birth certificate, passport, military photo identification, permanent resident card or certificate of citizenship. Examples of qualifying secondary documents include a social security card or a military discharge record.

Prove residency in the county or township. Produce documentation of your name and address, such as a piece of business mail issued within the previous 90 days, a property tax assessment or bill dated within the last year, tax return form or valid New Jersey driver's license with your current address.

Request that a representative of the office make a home visit to view your documents, if you are unable to appear in person. Do not submit originals or copies of your documents through the mail, as originals may be lost and copies are not accepted.

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