How to Get a State Identification Card in New Jersey

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ID is required for everything from boarding a plane to cashing a check, and, in some cases, for voting. A driver's license usually serves this purpose, but if you don't drive, you will need another option. In New Jersey you can apply for an ID that is not a driver's license,and, accordingly, does not require the test and fees associated with obtaining a drivers license.

Gather and prepare documents to submit for New Jersey's 6 Point ID Verification program.The 6 Point ID Verification is an identification process designed to prevent identity theft. It requires those applying for a New Jersey identification card to provide a combination of two or more original or certified copies of identifying documents. Appropriate documents include a U.S. birth certificate, passport or active military photo ID. In addition you must provide your social security number and proof of your address. The 6 Point ID Verification Program link in the Resource section provides a list of additional qualifying documents.

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Locate the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office nearest to you. If needed, use the "Locations" link in the Resources section to find the nearest office. Visit the selected Motor Vehicle Commission office. Obtain the non-driver ID application or BA-207 form. Complete the front side of the form using accurate and complete information.

Submit the form and your 6 Point Verification documents at the Motor Vehicle Commission. Submit the items in person; New Jersey does not accept applications by mail or fax. Pay the required fee using cash, check, money order or a major credit card. As of November 2010, the fee for an identification card is $24.