How to Get a New Jersey County ID Card

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There are 21 counties in the State of New Jersey. Residents of most of these counties can apply for a county ID to supplement the state-issued driver's license or identification card. Some counties no longer issue county IDs due to federal security requirements for government-issued identification enacted by the United States Department of Homeland Security. However, if you live in a county that still issues IDs, you can get a local identification card with a quick trip to the office of your County Clerk.

Download an Application Form

Visit the State of New Jersey's online alphabetical directory of official county and municipal websites. Browse to the website of the New Jersey county where you live to download a county ID application form. Website organization varies from county to county. Click on the navigation link that says "Office of the Clerk," "ID Cards" or "Forms."

Check Whether You Qualify

Download the form and read the requirements to make sure you qualify. You must be a citizen by birth, a naturalized citizen or a resident alien of the United States and a resident of the New Jersey county in question. Some counties, like Mercer, require applicants to reach a minimum age of 16 before they can receive a county ID. Minors or parents of minors should read the application instructions carefully for specific rules regarding applicants under 18 years of age. Some counties do not consider you a resident if you have not lived within the county lines for at least six months – regardless of how long you have lived in New Jersey.

Prove Your Residency

Prove your residency and eligibility for an ID in your county. The required documents typically include a valid birth certificate with a raised seal, a naturalization certificate or a resident alien card. Additionally, you'll need one of the following to prove residency: a valid New Jersey Motor Vehicle License, a voter registration card or a lease agreement. If you do not have proof of residency, you must bring a parent, a guardian or a relative who can prove her residency in the county in question and officially vouch for you.

File the Application

Complete the county ID application form. Write legibly and follow the instructions carefully. Most applications ask for your name, home address, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color and signature. Print the application but do not sign it yet. Go to the address listed for the office of the County Clerk on the application form and wait in the appropriate line. Sign the form when the county employee instructs you to do so, and give her the application fee. Fees vary from county to county. Mercer County, for example, charges a $20 fee or $ for seniors. An employee will take your picture and make you an ID card.


  • You can get a county ID card by proving your citizenship, legal status and residency, and taking your application to the local county clerk.