How to Find Out If I Have an Arrest Warrant in Hennepin County Minnesota

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The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Central Records is responsible for the administration and execution of arrest warrants for people who are wanted in Hennepin County, Minnesota, as well as people who are wanted throughout the nation but who are located in Hennepin County. If you have an arrest warrant, you may satisfy the warrant by posting a cash bail or bond or by turning yourself in at the Hennepin County Jail, located at 401 S. Fourth Ave. in Minneapolis.

Search your documents for any unpaid traffic tickets or unresolved court cases that you may have forgotten about.

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Go to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office of Central Records at Minneapolis City Hall, located in the lower level of the Public Safety Facility, 401 South 4th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415. You must go to the office in person to find out if you have a warrant. The unit will not give out this information over the phone. Call 612-348-2000 for the hours of operation.