How to Find Out About Someone Arrested in Georgia

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Whether you are looking for background information on an individual for the purpose of employment, renting a car or property, dating, marriage or for other personal reasons, one of the most important details concerning a person's history is an arrest record. In the state of Georgia, there are several options available to discover arrest information on the person in question. Since facts regarding incarceration are considered public records, information is available to the general public.

Do a Check Through Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Do a criminal history background check through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Only felonies are listed. The criminal history record includes the person's name, date of birth, Social Security number, sex, race, height and weight; the date of arrest, the arresting agency and charges; the final judicial disposition submitted by a court, prosecutor or other criminal justice agency; and custodial information if the offender was incarcerated in Georgia.

You will be required to pay a fee for a felony records report or a criminal history report for employment purposes. Call the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 404-244-2639 if need help or have questions.

Visit the Courthouse Public Records Department

Visit the public records department in local courthouses in Georgia. Note that in order to successfully find incarceration records you must visit the courthouse in which the individual was arrested. Perform a search by the party's first and last name.

Perform an Online Search Through County Court

Perform an online search for county court records in Georgia. Note that most counties have their own separate court records, so in order to successfully display results you must know the county in which the individual was arrested. Navigate to each county site and perform an online search for the person in question. Be aware that not all counties have set up an interactive search and individuals who have not had a court date may not be listed.

Search the Georgia Department of Corrections

Search the online records of the Georgia Department of Corrections at Read the terms of rules of using the site and if you agree, click “next” to proceed. Note that only incarcerated individuals who have been convicted of a felony and sentenced serve their time in a Georgia prison will show up on your search.

The Georgia Department of Corrections is also an excellent source to get current mugshots of anyone with a recent arrest record in the State of Georgia.

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