How to Find My Court Date in Georgia

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If you have been charged with a crime or traffic infraction in Georgia, not knowing your court date can have disastrous consequences. Failing to come to court on your court date constitutes contempt of court, and will result in the issuance of a bench warrant authorizing your arrest at any time. Your court date for an appearance in a Georgia court is listed on the traffic ticket or subpoena issued when you are released from law enforcement custody. If you have lost your traffic ticket or subpoena, finding your court date can be difficult because the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia does not maintain a centralized online case docket.

Determine what county and court your court appearance is in. Every county in Georgia maintains a Superior Court, and at least one Municipal Court, a Magistrate Court or State Court. Generally, the Municipal, Magistrate or State Court in a Georgia county handles traffic cases and misdemeanor crimes, whereas the Superior Court will handle felony criminal cases. Finding out your correct court date involves knowing the county and the specific court where you must appear. If you are uncertain of the court where you must appear, you will need to check the dockets of multiple courts within a county or the courts of multiple counties.

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Navigate to the website of the court where your court appearance is. The Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia maintains an online listing of the websites of all courts within Georgia. Select the county where your court appearance is in and the specific court where your court case is. After you select the county and court, the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia website will take you to the website of your court.

Check to see if the website of your court maintains an online docket. Although no standard form or search method is used, some Georgia court websites maintain some form of online docket search. Typically, you will need to input your first and last name to search for your case and court date. On Georgia court websites with an online docket search, performing a search for your court date is free.

Call the clerk of your court if the court does not maintain an online docket. Most Georgia courts, particularly in rural areas, do not maintain a publicly searchable online docket. If this is the case, call the clerk of court in the Georgia county where you have a court case during normal business hours. The clerk of court will inform you of your court date and the court where you must appear.