How Can I Look Up Police Reports by Address?

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A police report is an after-the-fact accounting of an alleged criminal occurrence. Police reports give an idea of the circumstances behind the report, the participants, and any possible criminal charges. Police reports are considered public records. There are several ways to access police reports: in person at a police station, online, or by paying a commercial retrieval service. Police records clerks will in most cases, accept information such as, name of participants, address where incident took place, or date of incident, in order to locate the correct document.

Call the local police station and ask for the records clerk. Explain to the clerk that you are seeking a police report and only have the address where the incident took place. The clerk should be able to find the report based on the information provided. The clerk can provide basic information over the phone, but might request you come to the station and retrieve the report if you need detailed information.

Go the local police station and ask for the records clerk, and provide them the address of the incident. Again, the clerk should be able to provide you with a police report even if you only provide an address.

Check online to see of your local jurisdiction offers an online version of police reports. For example, the city of Akron, Ohio is one of several cities that offer police reports for free over the internet. To access a crime report from the Akron police department you only need an estimate of when the incident occurred and an address where the report was taken.


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