How to Print a FedEx Signature Release

FedEx offers a variety of different shipping methods to its customers. Many methods require the recipient or a representative to sign for the package upon its delivery. The signature serves as proof that FedEx successfully delivered the package and that it was received by an individual, rather than left on a doorstep. If your business frequently receives packages that require a signature, but does not always have someone available to sign for the packages, print a signature release and bring it to a FedEx location, which provides FedEx permission to leave the packages without a signature.

Download the FedEx Signature Release Authorization and Indemnification Agreement for Recipients form from the FedEx website.

Open the document, click "File" located at the top of the screen and then click "Print."

Click "OK" or "Print" from within the Print window to print the release.

Complete the form, providing information such as your business name, address, FedEx account number and the location that you would like the package to be left.

Bring the form to a FedEx location to submit the form.


  • Individuals cannot print a signature release. Instead, they must sign the door tag left by the FedEx representative, authorizing that the driver can leave the package without obtaining a signature.



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