How to Stop the Forwarding of USPS Mail

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Whether making the move to a new home or just taking a detour to a warmer destination for the winter, the United States Post Office (USPS) gives people the option of having their mail forwarded on a permanent or temporary basis. When plans change and there is no longer a need to have mail forwarded, the USPS makes it simple to redirect letters, bills, packages and other correspondence.

Update the original change of address request through the USPS website. Enter the new zip code and the confirmation code. If the first mail forwarding request was also made online, this code would have been included in the confirmation email. If the request was made at the post office or by telephone, the code would have been included in the confirmation sent to the new address. Once logged into the system, update the mail forwarding start date, end date or cancel the change address request completely.

Update the original change of address request through any post office. Again, a confirmation code is needed to locate the first request and make any updates.

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Submit a new change of address form. If there is no confirmation code available, a new change of address form can be submitted online, by phone or at a local post office. Use the old address as the new, permanent address to stop mail from being forwarded somewhere else.



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