How to File a Missing Persons Report in Atlanta, Georgia

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If a family member, friend or co-worker has disappeared, it is important to act immediately. Whether this person has left on her own or been taken against her will, use caution and verify her whereabouts to ensure she is safe. (This applies whether the victim is male or female.) Begin by filing a missing persons report. If the person in your life who has disappeared is from Atlanta, Georgia, follow these steps to properly report her missing.

Contact law enforcement. If someone has been abducted in the city of Atlanta or you feel confident she is in danger, call 911 immediately. The Atlanta Police Department (APD) will dispatch an officer to you right away. You may also file a missing persons report in person. The APD has several precincts. To find the one nearest you or closest to the missing person's residence, go to the APD website ( and click on the "Find My Zone" link. Enter your address and your zone will be provided, along with an address and phone number of the precinct in your area.

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Provide details. Have details on hand about your missing loved one and provide them to the Atlanta police officer assigned to the case. These should include a current photo, physical description, and clothing worn when last seen. Explain why you believe your loved one is missing and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. If her vehicle is also missing, provide make, model, color and tag number, if available. Offer information on any history of mental illness or emotional problems and whether it is usual for her to leave without alerting anyone.

Provide contact information. The Atlanta Police Department will likely contact the missing person's family, friends, significant other and co-workers during the investigation. Any names and contact information you can provide will speed that process. Also give any numbers where you can be reached, as well as the cell phone number of the missing person.

Offer to assist. Posting fliers, making phone calls and locating friends of the missing person are ways you might help. Ask the Atlanta police officer investigating the case if you can assist in these and other ways.

Ask about the Missing Persons page. The Atlanta Police Department features missing persons on its website ( under the "APD Online" link. The page features a photo of each missing person, with height, weight and other characteristics, as well as details surrounding the disappearance. Ask the investigator about putting your missing loved one on this page.

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