How to File a Police Report With the Dekalb County, Georgia Police

By Renee Booker

In an emergency we all know to dial 911 and the police respond immediately. There are occasions, however, when a police report needs to be filed but calling 911 is not necessary. For instance if your cellular telephone was stolen most carriers require you to make a police report before replacing the telephone. Calling 911 is clearly not necessary. If you need to make a police report with the Dekalb County, Georgia police department you may do so in person or by calling the non-emergency telephone number.

Determine that your situation is not an emergency. If you need emergency police assistance call 911 immediately.

Call the non-emergency DeKalb County Police Department telephone number. The number is 678-937-2852.

Explain to the operator that you need to make a police report. Depending on the nature of the report that you wish to make, the operator may send an officer out to you or instruct you to visit the police department in person.

Visit the Dekalb County Police Department in person if instructed to do so after calling or if you prefer to file the report in person. The Dekalb County Police Department Headquarter is located at 1960 West Exchange Place, Tucker, Georgia 30084.

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