How to Find Probation Status

Finding the probation status of an individual will benefit those interested in hiring a potential employee or leasing an apartment to a potential tenant. Probation can be an alternative to going to jail for a legal offense, and it reduces the cost of overcrowding in jails. Probation also allows law offenders to rejoin society while being accountable to a probation officer. If you know the original county or city the individual was convicted in it will be easier and less expensive to find out his probation status.

Find out the correctional facility for the county where the probation and took place. For example, the New Mexico Department of Corrections would be a specific place where someone convicted can be placed on probation.

Locate the website of the correctional facility that the individual was convicted through. Some sites, such as those of Florida and New Mexico, have an offender search that allows you to determine if an individual is on parole or probation. You will need to know the individual's name and possibly his birthdate to obtain his probation status.

Access public records search sites to obtain a criminal background check on the individual. Some sites allow you to pay a fee to get a criminal record on an individual. You may need information like name, birth date and Social Security number or the state you're interested in finding the probation.

Contact the individual's probation officer to determine if the individual is still on his caseload. For example, contacting a specific probation officer, based on what the offender tells you, will allow you to determine if the offender made regular visits and the probation was complete. Speak with the clerk in the county the offender was convicted to determine if she will release the details of the probation officer.


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