How to Find Someone's Probation Officer

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In most states, the name of a person’s probation officer is public information, available to anyone who wishes to find it. A simple internet search and phone call will usually return the details you are looking for. The probation officer’s job is to help people get through their probation without breaking any rules. It’s important to speak to the probation officer if you are concerned about a person’s well-being or if you think they are violating the conditions of their probation.

Gather the Probationer’s Details

Probation offices are organized by jurisdiction, so you’ll need to know the probationer’s full name and the city or county where the probationer lives. If you don’t have these details – for example, you know the probationer by a nickname – then you could try to identify the person using a physical description. However, your search will be easier if you have specific details about the offender.

Find the County Probation Service

Find the county probation service by running an internet search for the probation office in the county or city where the probationer lives. Locate the telephone number on the probation office website or the address if you wish to visit the probation officer in person. Alternatively, visit the American Probation and Parole Association website (see Resources). The APPA keeps a directory of state probation and parole department websites, which you can navigate to find the office for your county.

Find the Federal Probation Service

If the probationer committed a federal offense, then that person will have a federal probation officer. Visit the U.S. Courts website and find the “Court Locator” search box. From the drop-down list, select “Probation and Pretrial Service” and enter the city and state where the probationer lives. You can then follow the links to the federal probation office for your state.

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Call the Probation Office

Call the county or federal probation office using the telephone number listed on the website. Provide the name of the person on probation, and ask the receptionist to find the person’s probation officer for you. You will either be transferred to the appropriate probation officer or given the officer's name. You can then call the probation officer yourself at a convenient time.

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