How to Find a Person on Parole

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Criminals are released from prison on parole when they are considered ready to rejoin society. A parolee must report to the assigned parole officer; conditions of the parole will differ based on the nature of the crime. When someone is out of prison on parole, people have different reasons for wanting to find the individual. Regardless of the reason, it is possible to find parolees that are released from prison.

Navigate to your state government's website. Search for the link for criminal records. State criminal records have information about the prison to which the parolee was sent and the parolee release date. Information like which parole office handles the parolee should be available with the criminal records.

Contact the parole office or division to which the parolee was released. The state website should have parole division information available, usually under the state department of public safety. The information provided will usually include a phone number and an address.

Ask about the parolee. The department determines how much information it can release. In many cases, you may be asked for your name. If the staff member is unable to provide an address for the former inmate, he may tell you the name of the parole officer in charge of the parolee.

Contact the parole officer. The parole officer works directly with the parolee, so he has information like the parolee’s address.



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