How to Find a Person on Parole

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Many people, like former partners, relatives and victims of incarcerated individuals may find themselves wondering how to find out if someone is on parole. Knowing whether someone is out of prison on parole – and if he is, how to find him – can prompt the searcher to resume contact with the parolee. This can help her make a decision about moving or seeking a restraining order or can simply give her peace of mind. Information about individuals on parole is public record, which means anybody can access it through court databases.

Ways to Find a Parolee

An easy way to find a parolee is to search for her in the federal Bureau of Prisons' inmate database or in the inmate database for the state where she was incarcerated, if she was incarcerated in state prison.

Another way to find a parolee or information about a parolee is to find parole officers who work in the jurisdiction where that person was released. By locating the individual’s parole officer, the searcher can easily find information about the parolee’s current residence and other important information.

Use Online Resources

Individuals who want to find out if someone is on parole can get the information they seek easily through an internet search. Information about the arrests and convictions entered into the court record is available for the public to view, and in many jurisdictions this information can be found online. Information about convicted sex offenders can be found in the federal and state sex offender registries.

The way to find out if someone you know who was incarcerated is on parole is to search either the federal inmate database or the state inmate database for the state where she was incarcerated. To conduct this type of search, you'll need to provide the individual’s legal name or inmate number. By searching the relevant prison database, you will find:

  • The prison where the inmate was incarcerated.
  • The prisoner's release date.
  • Whether the inmate is on parole.
  • Information about the inmate's conviction.

If you are not sure if an individual is on parole, incarcerated or even convicted of a crime, you can conduct more general internet searches to find this information. You can find valuable information from search engine results, social media and online tools like Some of these tools are completely free to use, while others charge a fee for information like an individual’s current residence. This information, which can steer you toward the right inmate database for the individual you are searching for, may include:

  • Name, previous names and known aliases.
  • Where the individual was arrested.
  • Where the individual’s case was heard.
  • Current and previous addresses.
  • Age and date of birth.

Find the Parole Officer

When an individual is released on parole, he is required to check in with a parole officer regularly to ensure that he is compliant with the terms of his parole. If he fails to meet these requirements, he may be required to return to prison to serve the remainder of his term.

Once you have found the individual’s parole officer, ask about the parolee's current situation. The American Parole and Probation Association can help you find parole officers and departments serving specific jurisdictions. When you ask a parole officer about a parolee’s current residence, actions and rehabilitation progress, keep in mind that you might not receive all the information you are looking for. The information parole officers are allowed to disclose about parolees varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and you might be given only the information that does not compromise the parolee’s privacy.

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