How to Get a Birth Certificate Expedited

Expedited birth certificates are issued through VitalChek.
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Birth certificates are issued to all newborns using information obtained from birth parents at the hospital. Once submitted to the state department of health, a birth certificate is recorded for the child in that state and a certified copy is mailed to the parents. If you (or your child) need an additional copy of a birth certificate, you can contact the department of health in the state where the child was born. You may request a copy in person, through the mail or online. To expedite the process, you have to utilize a national independent company called VitalChek, which is authorized by states to handle online and expedited birth certificate orders.

Visit the VitalChek website to order an expedited birth certificate. Follow the online prompts to fill out the application electronically.

Provide all of the required information needed to place an order for a birth certificate. VitalChek needs the name listed on the certificate, the city, state and county of birth, the date of birth, the gender at birth and the names of the parents listed on the birth record.

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Enter your name and mailing address. Choose the expedited method of shipping and enter your credit card information. The fee for this is dependent on the birth certificate fees in each state.

Verify your information and submit your order. You'll receive your birth certificate almost immediately through the mail.

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