How to Obtain Birth Records from Military Hospitals

Birth records are often necessary for obtaining insurance, motor vehicle registrations and enrollment into a school. Birth records for births that occur within a non-military hospital are typically available through the vital record department for that state. Birth records for births that occur in a military hospital within the United States or overseas are available through the Department of State.

Write or type a request with the following information: Full name at birth, date and place of birth, full name of parents and signature of requester.

Take completed letter to a notary public to have it notarized.

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Write a $50 check or purchase a $50 money order for payment. Make the check or money order out to the "Department of State." Requests without payment will not be processed.

Photocopy a valid form of identification such as a valid U.S passport, driver's license, government identification or military identification.

Mail the notarized letter, check or money order, photocopy of identification to Passport Services, Vital Records Section, Room 510, 1111 19th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036.


  • Mail only check or money order. The Department of State is not responsible for any lost cash payments.


  • Only authorized individuals can obtain birth records. The individual listed on the birth certificate, parent or legal guardian, authorized government agency and those with written permission can obtain a birth record.

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