How to Change Last Name at Cincinnati Clerk of Courts

To change your name with the Cincinnati Clerk of Courts, located in Hamilton County, Ohio, you must file a petition for a change of name. A hearing will be scheduled so that a judge can review your name change petition and make the decision to approve or deny your application. Hamilton County residents must live in Hamilton County for at least one year prior to applying for a change of name.

Fill out an Application for a Name Change, an Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice and the Notice of Hearing on Change of Name forms, which can be obtained online or from your local Clerk of Court.

File all forms with the Clerk of Court and pay the $100 filing fee. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money order, certified check and credit card.

Submit your Notice of Hearing of Change of Name to a local newspaper publication to be printed at least 30 days prior to your hearing.

Attend your name change hearing, bringing with you the Application for a Name Change, Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice, Hearing on Change of Name form and proof of publication of your name change petition from a Hamilton County newspaper. The presiding judge will approve or deny your petition at the hearing.


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