How Can I Get a Title for an Old Motorcycle in Oklahoma?

Motorcycle titles are easy to obtain if you've purchased them legally.
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The difficulty of acquiring a title for a motorcycle in Oklahoma will depend on how you got the bike. It is illegal to sell a motorcycle without a title in Oklahoma, so if you purchased it without one, you may have a more difficult time obtaining a title. If you have proof the bike was abandoned or that you did work on it that was never paid for, the process can be much more standardized.

Vehicle Info Request

Step 1

The Vehicle Information Request form (#769) can be downloaded from the forms section of the Oklahoma Tax Commission website. It can also be picked up from the Tax Commission office.

Step 2

Fill out the form completely and have it notarized by a licensed notary public. The cost is usually about $5.00 for the notary.

Step 3

Submit the Vehicle Information Request to the Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division. The cost for obtaining these records will range from $1.00 to $10.00 depending on the depth and certification of the information requested.

Title 42 Paperwork

Step 1

Download Title 42 Possessory Lien Procedures on Vehicles, Boats and Outboard Motors (Packet 752) from the Oklahoma Tax Commission website or pick them up from the Tax Commission office.

Step 2

Fill out all forms in their entirety and have them notarized when indicated.

Step 3

Send a notice of sale to the current registered owner by certified male no fewer than 10 days prior to the sale date.

Step 4

If no response is received from the registered owner or no registered owner is found on the Motorcycle Vehicle Information Request, an ad must be placed in a Tax Commission approved publication; usually a newspaper. This ad must run once a day for three consecutive weeks and include the Vehicle Identification Number, make and year of the motorcycle and contact information for the person intending to sell the bike.

Step 5

Confirm that all forms are completely filled out and notarized and that all conditions of the Title 42 statute have been met. Failure to meet all qualifications will result in a Title 42 denial.